Taking A Look At Stainless Steel Cable Railing And Rust

download (2)Since it provides a nonobstructive view, stainless steel cable railing is often installed around swimming pools where it adds to the appeal of the swimming pool and also prevents people from accessing the pool. While the railing system is great to install around your pool, it’s often affected by chlorinated water; therefore, you need to take good care of your railing to prevent it from getting damaged. Here is how to go about it:

Before installing stainless steel railing

Before you install the railing you should first passivate the surface. By passivating you remove any free iron that might be on the surface. After passivation, a rust resistant chromium oxide layer forms on the surface of the pool; therefore, you reduce the chances of rust forming on the cable railing.

After installation of the stainless steel cable

Even after passivation, you need to take good care of your stainless cable to prevent rusting. If you don’t take care of the cable, the pool air will envelop the air around the cable thus provoking rusting. One of the ways of doing so is undertaking daily rinsing with clean water. This is to remove any water that might have splashed on the surface.

Maintaining cable railing that has already rusted

If your cable railing has already rusted there are a number of things that you can do tp remove the rust and also prevent more rust from forming. To remove the rust there are plenty of removal agents in the market that you can go for. All you need to do is visit them and find the best that you can afford. To ensure that no more rust forms on your railing system, you should apply a protective agent on the surface of the railing.

Regular cleaning is important as it gets rid of chlorinated water from the surface. For ideal results clean the surface at least once every day. After cleaning don’t forget to rinse the surface in order to get rid of any residues that might have been left on the surface. Rinsing also gets rid of stains that might give your railing an awful look.

While you should give your railing system a clean finish, you shouldn’t use steel wool or steel brushes. These two products have little particles that damage the surface of the railing. This exposes the railing to rust. To be on the safe side use a soft piece of cloth when cleaning the cable railing.