Swimming Pool Safety – Things to Know When in the Water!

download (7)Whether it is alone, as a couple or with a group, it seems everyone cannot wait to get in the water. But, as much fun as aquatic activities are, they also include danger.

— Potential Swimming Dangers —

Fatal Drowning:

– An average of 390 people die annually from swimming pool or spa drownings

– The number one cause of accidental death for children under age five is drowning

– Sixty-seven percent of swimming pool drownings involved children under three years old

– Seventy-five percent of drownings involving children under the age of 15 occur at residential swimming pools

Nonfatal Drowning (Near Drowning Submersion Incidents):

– More than 5,000 pool and spa related submersion incidents require hospital emergency medical treatment annually

– More than 60 percent of near drowning incidents involve children under the age of four

– Most nonfatal drownings occur in residential swimming pools

Injuries (Non-submersion Incidents):

– Broken bones, scrapes and bruises from slip and fall accidents

– Strangulation from pool cleaning equipment

– Electrocution by old pool lights or faulty equipment

– Injuries or death caused from being trapped by pool suction

— Liability – Who is Responsible for a Pool Accident —

It is your pool, and if your guests are injured, you may be liable. Another possible liability are trespassers, especially teenagers involved in pool hopping. Teens go to houses during the day when they think no one is home or at night when the residents are asleep. They hop in, hop out and move on to the next pool. Other trespassers may be neighbors who enjoy your hot tub while you are away or small children in the neighborhood who just really want to go swimming.

Clearly, the people who enter your property without your permission are trespassers who have no legal right to be in your pool or hot tub. If they are injured, you are usually not liable. If you are liable for a trespasser or an invited guest who is injured on your property, it could be a financially devastating situation that requires you to hire an attorney

— Trespassing and Attractive Nuisances —

Many states where pools are extremely common have criminal trespassing laws to protect property owners. These rules are known as attractive nuisance doctrine guidelines, which create a loophole for trespassers. Fortunately for homeowners, this only applies to young children.

If you have something on your property that is so attractive to young children that they cannot resist, like a swimming pool, you have an attractive nuisance. By law, you must take extra precautions to protect children from harm if they are near, on or in the attractive nuisance. If you do not, you are likely liable when those children are injured.

— Pool and Spa Safety —

Whether a person is an invited guest or a trespasser, it is important to make sure your pool and spa and the surrounding areas are safe. Summer fun does not have to be ruined by potential hazards or dangers. Taking safety precautions protects everyone from injury or death, including you, and it protects you from legal liability.

Pool and Spa Safety Tips


– Install a fence around the pool or entire yard and make sure it is high enough to keep people out.

– If fencing is already in place, thoroughly examine it for holes, spaces or weak areas that someone can get through.


– Make sure your fence has a gate or door with a lock or latch.

– Place the lock or latch high enough to be out of reach of small children.

– Make sure the lock or latch has a self-locking mechanism.

Alarms– Install an alarm on the pool and spa door or gate that is loud enough to be heard inside the house.

Surfaces and Objects

– Make sure surfaces around the pool and spa are worn or slippery.

– Make sure surface edges inside the pool and spa are not rough enough to cause injury.

– Keep pool toys and other objects out of walkways to prevent someone tripping over them.

– Put away pool toys when not in use so young children are not tempted by seeing them.

Have regular pool inspections by a qualified inspector.

Consider installing a pool net or cover.

Place no trespassing signs on the outside of your pool fence.

— Human Safety Tips —

  • Make sure someone in the household knows CPR
  • Make sure everyone in the household can swim
  • Only allow children to swim under adult supervision
  • Require adult guests to supervise their own children
  • Do not allow intoxicated people to swim in your pool
  • Talk to neighborhood children about pool safety

No matter how it happens, if someone is injured or dies while using your pool or spa, prepare yourself for potential legal complications. Even if you have an insurance policy that covers these types of incidents, you will most likely need a personal injury lawyer experienced in aquatic accidents to help you understand your legal liability and responsibility. While no one wants a pool or spa accident, it is best to be prepared if one happens.

Aaron Crane, an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney from Cantor Crane, is experienced in dealing with drownings due to negligence and attractive nuisance laws. Contact an attorney today for a free consultation.


Reasons Why You Should Prepare Your Grounds Thoroughly Prior To Swimming Pool Construction

download (6)A swimming pool is one of the best outdoor features you can have on your property. You and your family will undoubtedly spend hundreds of hours having fun in and out of the pool. A swimming pool will also help improve the curb appeal and market value of your property.

Having a swimming pool constructed on your property though is not a simple process. It can be a huge and complex undertaking. Because of this, it is important to properly prepare your grounds first before the construction process begins. Keep in mind that thorough preparation is crucial in order to ensure the longevity and sound structure of the swimming pool.

Below are the specific reasons why it is important to fully prepare your grounds prior to a swimming pool construction project:

You will have an easier time planning out the exact location of the pool. Specialists in swimming pool construction say that you can map out the swimming pool all you want on diagrams and plans but until the pool is actually laid out where it is truly going to be placed, it will be hard to get an exact picture in your head. However, when the builders are on site and help prepare the area for your swimming pool location, you will be able to get a clearer picture of where the pool will be placed. This, in turn, will allow you to have the location etched in your mind and you can make the necessary changes (if there are any) prior to the start of the construction process.

It will help set the structure of the pool. Preparing the bottom base or foundation where this feature will sit on is very important. This task is usually included in the process of preparing the grounds. When the base of the pool is sufficiently prepared, the structure of the pool is going to really benefit. This is because once a heavy pool starts to fill up, a heavy weight will be resting on a particular area of your grounds. In case your property has soft grounds or soil or the ground is not level, the structure of the pool will be jeopardized. Whether you will be buying a ready-to-install pool or having one constructed from scratch right on your property, you can safeguard its structure by having the right preparation done on your grounds first.

It will help ensure quality construction. Lastly, to ensure quality construction of the pool, sufficient ground preparation is important. This is because quality construction is not only about paying attention to how the pool itself will be built. If the ground has not been prepared adequately, it is not only the pool’s structure that may be compromised but the other key components as well (ie. Soil or sand will constantly seep into the pump or filters, etc.).


The Importance of Getting Advice on Which Pool Chemicals to Use

download (5)When it comes to owning a hot tub or a swimming pool, maintenance is one of the most important – and most costly – aspects. There are many benefits to having one of these luxurious and enjoyable features in the home, but is essential that they are cared for to get full enjoyment out of them for many years.

Of course, there are many chemical products and maintenance products on the market today which can make it exceptionally difficult for people to know what to choose and what is the best type of item for them to keep their pool healthy and hygienic.

This is the first reason why it is so essential seek expert advice on the type of chemical substances used in pools to keep them in good condition- this concerns the optimal health of your pool on how often you use it, who uses it, whether your pool is indoors or outdoors, and much, much more.

All of these different factors accumulate to mean that different products are more right for different people. Making sure that your pool is clean and healthy therefore depends on getting the right expert advice about the right pool chemicals to use for your particular needs.

It is also very important to seek advice on choosing pool chemicals as a variety of green and eco-friendly options available as well as conventional options. People have different opinions on what they want to be using, and informing yourself thoroughly on choosing something that is in line with your values and priorities is important.

With budget options and green eco-friendly options both available, getting expert advice is necessary to make sure that these preferences and priorities are met. Instead of buying something with a ‘green’ label or a ‘budget’ price, an expert will be able to guide you on what is really eco-friendly or what is really the best value for money for you.

Expert advice is also important when it comes to pool chemicals because using them is not simply a onetime thing. These products need to be used to ensure a clean, healthy and useable pool for you and your loved ones.

Professionals will be able to recommend you on the best maintenance routine using these chemicals so that you can walk away with a great product and a clear plan of how you are going to look after your pool. This will make all the difference when it comes to getting as many years of use out of your pool as possible in the future.

In addition to helping you form a pool maintenance routine, experts will also help you define one based on the products that you have chosen and how regularly you use your pool. The combination of all these factors has a significant effect on any pool maintenance schedule, and therefore expert advice is necessary to come to a coherent and effective plan of action.

There are many pool experts and retailers out there who are very happy to offer advice to anyone who has a pool or who is looking to get one installed. Pool chemicals are an essential part of maintenance, and getting advice from these expert retailers is important for a number of reasons, as listed above.

As well as keeping the pool clean and healthy in the most effective way, this will also help pool owners find a product that is aligned with their priorities on eco-friendly products or budget products, and it will also help them decide on a great and highly efficient plan to keep their pool in top condition all year round.


Why Maintaining Your Hot Tub Is So Important

download (4)Having a hot tub at home is a luxury that many people would love to have, whether to relax in after a long day at work or to host parties with friends and loved ones. In either case, regular hot tub maintenance is of critical importance for a number of reasons, and is something that every new hot tub owner should be well aware of.

The first reason that maintaining your tub is so important as this help keep things hygienic, which is the number one issue when it comes to having one of these in the home. Water is prone to bacteria and algae developing, and therefore investing in a hot tub chemical starter kit and regular chemical treatment is essential to stop this from happening.

Bacteria can give a real health risk for anyone using a tub, but there are many chemical formulas which have been designed to keep things clean and healthy for everyone – with the condition that they are used on a regular basis and that they are carefully dosed in accordance with guidelines.

For those who have a new hot tub and are unsure where to start, it is possible to get a great hot tub chemical starter kit from pool and hot tub suppliers and these will help you get your tub up and running very rapidly. You should, however, also seek professional advice on chemical treatment and how regularly you should be treating your tub to keep it hygienic.

The next reason that maintenance is so importance is for the integrity of the tub itself. These are often significant investments, and therefore ensuring that your tub stays in top condition should be a priority to avoid costly damage and therefore costly repairs needing to be made.

Both bacteria and chemicals can cause damage to your hot tub, and for this reason it is vital that the right balance of chemical treatment is achieved. Again, investing in the right hot tub chemical starter kit to start with and then maintaining a regular treatment program will keep everything in balance so that you do not have to worry about corrosion or deterioration of your tub.

It should be noted that chemical balance is not the only thing that is important in this regard, as cleaning the filters of your tub can actually make a huge difference to the hygiene of the water and the condition of the tub itself. Regular filter cleaning should also be factored in and advice on this should be sought from experts in the topic if you are at all in doubt about how to do this.

The last reason why regular hot tub maintenance is so important is that it will affect your enjoyment of using these items, whether you are using the tub or an infrequent one. Many people enjoy hot tubs for their therapeutic qualities, but if a tub is not in top condition then getting therapeutic benefits is not possible.

There are many products which can be added to water for therapeutic and healing benefits, and these work best in tubs that are clean, healthy and well maintained. Not only will this benefit the body, but it will also benefit the mind as you can relax in the assurance that you are relaxing in a clean, healthy and hygienic space.

These are just a few of the main reasons why it is so important to take your time to find out what you need to do to keep your hot tub in top condition. These benefits range from creating a far more hygienic environment right through to getting more enjoyment out of your clean and healthy tub.