Is Your Swimming Pool Green? Phosphates May Be Your Problem

download (3)Many pool owners find themselves in a never ending struggle to get their swimming pool water clean and clear. DIY’ers get up early every Saturday to take a water sample to their local pool store. They do this in the hopes of being told the secret answers to maintaining their pools by whom I like to call, “the great and powerful OZ of swimming pools”. The man behind the curtain, well actually behind the counter, evaluates their water and tells them what to buy to fix it.

One week they are told they need shock, the next week they are told they need calcium, another week they are told they need to lower their PH level, etc., etc. Every week, it seems they need something different. And every week they dish out lots of money for the items they’ve been told will correct their pool water. Does this sound familiar?

Well, after 14 years of maintaining the same swimming pool at my home, I would like to share some information I have learned along the way. Please note, this information is only to be used as a guideline, which may or may not work in all scenarios:

  1. Liquid chlorine is mostly salt. After years of using it, it greatly increases the solids in your pool water, making it more difficult to balance the water correctly. Stop using it is my recommendation. Switch to granular shock with an active chlorine level of at least 50%.
  2. Phosphates act as algae food in a swimming pool. Reduce your phosphates to prevent algae growth.
  3. Algaecides will kill algae, but they will not continue to prevent algae from returning.
  4. Shock is a good way to correct your pool water and can actually be a replacement for liquid chlorine in your water maintenance routine. Use a 1 lb. bag of granular shock per week per 10,000 gallons. In the heat of the summer or during heavy use periods, you may have to increase the amount of shock you use.
  5. 1 cup of muriatic acid per week per 10,000 gallons will help keep your water looking crisp and clear.
  6. 1/2 cup of any quality phosphate remover per week per 10,000 gallons will prevent algae from appearing in your pool.

Whether you use any of the information above to alter your pool water maintenance routine or not, I urge you to ask the following questions the next time you take your pool water in for analysis:

  • Are the solids in my pool water within the acceptable levels?
  • Does my pool water have a high level of phosphates?

The answers to these two questions can be the information you’ve been needing to know all along. If you discover the pool has a high level of solids, it will be necessary to drain 12-18 inches of water from your pool in order to “flush out” and dilute the amount of solids in your pool. I am not aware of any other method of removing them. Again, build up of solids in the swimming pool make it much more difficult for the water to be balanced.

If you discover that you have a high level of phosphates, then you have a fairly easy way to correct that problem. Buy a quality Phosphate remove such as Natural Chemistry PhosFree or their new product Total. Add 1/2 cup, which is about a cap full, to your skimmer. This allows it to go directly into your filter where it will be trapped in your filter and thus allow it to “filter” the phosphates from the pool water as it flows through your filter.

Continue your normal filter maintenance and you should see a great improvement in the swimming pool water clarity.


Taking A Look At Stainless Steel Cable Railing And Rust

download (2)Since it provides a nonobstructive view, stainless steel cable railing is often installed around swimming pools where it adds to the appeal of the swimming pool and also prevents people from accessing the pool. While the railing system is great to install around your pool, it’s often affected by chlorinated water; therefore, you need to take good care of your railing to prevent it from getting damaged. Here is how to go about it:

Before installing stainless steel railing

Before you install the railing you should first passivate the surface. By passivating you remove any free iron that might be on the surface. After passivation, a rust resistant chromium oxide layer forms on the surface of the pool; therefore, you reduce the chances of rust forming on the cable railing.

After installation of the stainless steel cable

Even after passivation, you need to take good care of your stainless cable to prevent rusting. If you don’t take care of the cable, the pool air will envelop the air around the cable thus provoking rusting. One of the ways of doing so is undertaking daily rinsing with clean water. This is to remove any water that might have splashed on the surface.

Maintaining cable railing that has already rusted

If your cable railing has already rusted there are a number of things that you can do tp remove the rust and also prevent more rust from forming. To remove the rust there are plenty of removal agents in the market that you can go for. All you need to do is visit them and find the best that you can afford. To ensure that no more rust forms on your railing system, you should apply a protective agent on the surface of the railing.

Regular cleaning is important as it gets rid of chlorinated water from the surface. For ideal results clean the surface at least once every day. After cleaning don’t forget to rinse the surface in order to get rid of any residues that might have been left on the surface. Rinsing also gets rid of stains that might give your railing an awful look.

While you should give your railing system a clean finish, you shouldn’t use steel wool or steel brushes. These two products have little particles that damage the surface of the railing. This exposes the railing to rust. To be on the safe side use a soft piece of cloth when cleaning the cable railing.


Reasons To Own Above Ground Pools

download (1)The trend towards more affordable and simple to maintain entertainment features provides home owners with a wide range of choices in the selection of a swimming pool. Above ground pools have received increased attention for its versatile applications and cost effectiveness without losing on design and functionality. Learning about the reasons to own such a pool can assist in making the best possible purchase decision.

Popular Benefits of Above Ground Pools

The alternative style of pool may be created in many different shapes and sizes with popular and modern aesthetic solutions including in-deck and glass balustrade designs. These features are more affordable than a more traditional structure and provide an equal standard of enjoyment and relaxation through the summer heat. The following benefits can convince home owners to incorporate above ground pools.


The costs of an in-ground pool can prove exorbitant and involve extensive labor to prepare the area for installation including the purchase of a fiberglass shell or material for concrete structures. Expenses depend on the period for project completion that could take weeks to complete and filling the pool. Alternative designs are erected within a shorter period of time saving on the expense of installation while delivering quick preparation before summer.


The above ground pools can be custom designed in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit any yard. It can be placed in the corner of a garden or installed within a deck making it the ideal option for both functional and aesthetic purposes. With an in-ground pool, property owners are limited to the designs of a fiberglass structure and the rising expense of concrete styles dependent on depth and length.

Efficient Installation

The time taken to erect above ground pools is shorter in comparison to the labor intensive requirements for an in-ground pool. Depending on the type of pool design, the alternative structures can be installed within a few days compared to the weeks or months it may take for a more traditional feature. Standard styles will be faster to manufacture and develop in comparison to customized selections.


The maintenance of the smaller, modern pool is simpler and more cost effective when compared to an in-ground pool making it the ideal choice for management. There is the option of including a saltwater filtration system offering less maintenance and healthier swimming conditions. Keeping the pool area clean is easier with modern structures designed for convenience without compromising on its enjoyment.


The unique and custom designs for above ground pools means that it can be installed for any size yard. Regardless of the amount of space available, the pool can be designed for use in a tiny outdoor deck area or a larger garden where a significantly larger structure is desired. A professional assessment of the area and style solutions are determined by an experienced and certified pool company.

Design Aesthetics

Modern options for a swimming pool means any style can be created and installed for the property. From traditional rectangular designs to hexagon shapes, there is no limit to the type of pool for installation. The correct type of pool can be designed according to the width, depth and function the feature is meant to serve that is compatible with the theme or style of an outdoor or indoor space.

With the assistance provided by a licensed and an experienced pool company, modern swimming pool design offering ease of maintenance and aesthetic value are provided. Whether traditional chlorinated or saltwater alternatives, these can be incorporated for all enjoyment purposes. A fair assessment of the options available including modern styles can be determined for different functional needs.


How To Choose The Right Pool Cleaner For Your Backyard Pool?

downloadIf you have just installed a new swimming pool in the backyard of your house, then there is one more thing that you have to buy, i.e., a pool cleaner. The reason for buying it is to keep the swimming pool in a good working condition for a long-long time. A swimming pool cleaner can cost you anywhere from $500-$1500. It is perhaps one of the most expensive products that you can buy for your swimming pool, therefore, it is important for you to pay extra attention while buying it. You can save a lot of money by purchasing a reliable product, which otherwise you would have paid in repairing or replacing the parts of the swimming pool in the future. An efficient pool cleaner can increase the life of your swimming pool.

While selecting a cleaner for your swimming pool, the first thing that you have to keep in mind is what type of product would suit your pool. There are two types available in the market right now, these are; pressure and suction cleaners.

Pressure Pool Cleaners: These make use of the pressure from the pump to clean up the swimming pool. When the pressurized water enters the pool through the jets, which are placed at the bottom of the cleaner, the dirt and debris is pushed into the collection bag.

Suction Pool Cleaners: In these, the dirt and debris are trapped by the vacuum that is created by the main pump. The dirt and debris are removed from all corners of the pool, thus providing you with a neat and clean pool. There is a collection basket attached to the main pump basket or the vacuum hose.

Which one is better?

If there aren’t a lot of debris to clean, then suction ones are better. If your pool doesn’t get too dirty, then you should probably opt for the suction type. A pool where lots of dirt, debris, leaves and branches are present, the mouth of the suction pool cleaner is usually clogged, so it is not recommended to use the suction types there. You may also get some additional issues such as, damaged pool pump, blocked suction line and dirty water.

You can also buy a pressure pool cleaner, but I would not recommend buying a booster pump along with it. By not having the booster pump, you will save a lot of money and the operation will also not be affected. Moreover, the design of the pool also plays a crucial role in deciding which pool cleaner to buy. With a plethora of products available in the market, it often becomes hard for people to choose which product is well-suited for them. So, take the help of all the platforms such as, online reviews, public forums and other reliable platforms. The more information you get, the better it is for you to make the right decision.